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I do a great many things that waste time. Facebook is probably number 1 on that list, but as I’m beginning to feel my brain cells ooze out of my ears every time this boredom-fest occurs, I’m trying my level best to replace it with other time-wasters. It has recently been replaced with a new website. (Consequentially, this is probably much worse for my brain since I merely click the mouse every ten seconds, but somehow I enjoy it much more. It’s great while talking on the phone). This website is Flickchart.

I, being the movie buff that I am, could find nothing more awfully addicting. It’s all very simple: the screen pops up with two movie posters (occasionally they’re funky international ones) and you choose which one you prefer between the two. So say it comes up with Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Confessions of a Shopoholic you would, without question, choose Modern Times because everyone knows that Modern Times is a beloved classic and Shopoholic is one of the worst films ever made. It then creates your top 20 list based on your choices. My top 5 currently stand as: 1) Glory 2) Up 3) Batman Begins 4) Star Wars and 5) Master and Commander.

It gets (relatively) tricky when it’s something like Saving Private Ryan and The Breakfast Club. These are two of my favs, and Saving Private Ryan is clearly a better movie but I’d probably be more apt to re-watch The Breakfast Club over the weekend. So you see how much thought needs to go into such decisions. And… how much time. Oh it’s fun, yes it is.


Written by laurenthejukebox17

February 14, 2010 at 4:08 am

Posted in movies

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