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The Young Victoria (2009)

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Two of my favorite “fun” movies are Dan in Real Life and Devil Wears Prada.  This is greatly due to actress Emily Blunt.  She has just a small part in Dan yet still manages to steal the show as Pig-faced Ruthie Draper. Her one scene takes the audience for an hilarious fifteen minute ride (plus, her American accent is pretty fantastic). Prada, too, would not be the same without Anne Hathaway’s carb-hating, Miranda-worshipping nemesis, Emily, with too many one-liners to count. I am anxious for movies such as The Adjustment Bureau, coming in September, and basically anything else featuring her.

Young Victoria brings out a more serious and deeper side of Blunt as she portrays the young Queen of England.  I was not disappointed, she has proved her versitality.  She is the show. The life of a princess is not always a fairy tale, and the role of a queen is no walk in the park.  She allows us to feel her struggle, we see her goodness and her naïveté, her fear of being controlled and her desire to serve her people.

The romance and marriage between Albert and Victoria was believable, thanks again to the acting of Blunt as well as Rupert Friend, who was as good as the former. The supporting cast is also quite solid: Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent… The other highlight is, without question, the costume design which won an Oscar. Magnifique.

I wasn’t terribly impressed by the overall editing of the film, particularly towards the end.  It had a choppy feel that simply wasn’t my style.  However, disregarding a few nit-picky things, I was swept by the film. I enjoyed it and count me in for anything Emily Blunt. 7/10


Written by laurenthejukebox17

May 15, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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