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The Farmer’s Wife (1928)

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Juno, step aside.  You’ve been replaced.

I’m making great progress in my Hitchcock-a-thon.  I’m glad I got this one out of the way…

I have a confession.  This silent was moving so slowly and the music was nothing but distracting that I put it on fast-forward.  I didn’t even need to pause to read the titles.  I don’t feel bad.

This movie was weird.  A man searches for a new wife (strangely unaffected by the death of his late wife..) when really she was there all along.  I dunno.  Maybe some will think of it as a clever old rom-com but I thought it was ridiculous.  The main charcter was anything but likeable, and I have a problem when the characters aren’t relatable. 2/10


Written by laurenthejukebox17

June 8, 2010 at 8:10 am

Posted in 1920s, comedy, movies, romance

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