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emmy time

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This won’t be long because frankly I never get too into the Emmys.  I watch Lost and V, that’s it.  And the only reason I watch V is for Elizabeth Mitchell.  I wouldn’t mind getting into The Good Wife for Juliana Margulies though and what I’ve seen of Parks and Recreation is pretty funny.  Anyway, the emmy nominations came out today and while skimming through this jumped out at me

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost.

Excitement!  I really like her.  I’m also happy for Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson, and Terry O’Quinn as well as Juliana Margulies and Tony Shalhoub whom I just love.  Check out further nominees here.


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July 8, 2010 at 12:42 pm

i’m totally mental and i totally know it

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Will I ever stop thinking about Lost? Probably not.  So there was this post on EW about the top reads for Lost fans.  Whilst reminiscing my brain started to whirl and twirl like it does when thinking of my beloved TV show.  Seriously, it just doesn’t get better than that show.  So.. since it was on my mind…


You know you’re excited.

10. Sun + Jin Kwon (Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim) – What’s this?  I’m cheating already?  Sun and Jin count as one, because there is no one without the other.  But MAN it took forever to just get some shared screen time!  Two whole seasons basically.  Anyway, I always cheer for the married couples.  Jin had some things to learn (like English, and not being a control nutso) and Sun had her own married-life issues pre-island, but they found each other and truly loved one another.  Their story was one of the most touching on Lost.

9. Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) – There are many things to dislike about Kate.  She’s extremely indecisive when it comes to men (yeah, extremely).  Her flash back/forward/sideways stories were never the best of the bunch.  But I’m not a Kate-hater.  I like Freckles for many reasons too.  She was a no-nonsense tough chick for one thing, something I (as a tomboy) always admire.  She could be a great comfort to those who needed it on the island.  Evangeline Lilly also had some terrific acting moments in the series – with subtle gazes and lines that were very human.

8. Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) – Here’s another tricky one.  I have really reeeeaaly loved Jack at some parts.  Like, in Season 1, he was the shiz, and a great leader.  He was also good in Season 6.  But there have also been some times where I’ve really reeeeally hated Jack.  Jack the whiner, the bearded pill-poppin’ Jack… etc.  But, he gave us one of the quintessential Lost quotes: “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”

7. Richard Alpert (Nester Carbonell) – The eyeliner man will always be one of Lost‘s greatest mysterious characters.  Ever since his introduction we’ve been asking ourselves “What’s his deal?” “Why doesn’t he age?”  He was definitely awesome – and his first gray hair in the finale was genius.

6. Desmond Hume (Henry  Ian Cusick) – The button-pushing romantic, Desmond is one likeable brotha.

5. Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) – Juliet was always the wild card.  For seasons no one knew whether her motives were legit or not.  Her raised eyebrow and calculating eyes always casted doubt, but in the end Juliet was good through and through – not to mention the best thing that ever happened to Sawyer.

4. Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) – Seriously, you can’t get much greater than Ben, formerly known as Henry Gale.  That was the best decision the producers ever made, to keep him on.  He lied, killed, wept, stared, creeped us all out, possibly had a heart, and later became the greatest “number 2.”

3. John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) – This dude right here is, IMO, the heart of the show.  He embraced the island experience and adapted better than any other character. (miracles tend to do that).  He was full of faith, but could be a bad-A with a knife when called upon.  His story was probably my favorite of the Losties – serious daddy issues, and many “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DOs!”  I love Locke.

2. James “Sawyer” Ford (Josh Holloway) – Ah Sawyer, how I love you… Sawyer’s never ending supply of nicknames and one-liners kept us laughing even at the dreariest of times.  (Freckles, Lardo, Yoda, Doc, Boar Expert, Mr. Miyagi) I love how he reads and likes books: “Hell of a book, it’s about bunnies!” he says about Watership Down.  He was a great Dharma security guy, a definite bad-A, uttered many a “sonofa”, and was pretty loveable.

1. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) – Many may wonder why Sawyer isn’t my numero uno.  See, while I love Sawyer, there were moments where I was pissed off at him.  And with Hurley – I could NEVER be pissed at Hurley.  Everybody loves Hugo.  He’s, like, the guy everybody wants to know.  Hurley was fat, hilarious, and more loveable than a teddybear.  He also had many great lines “Dude, you’ve got some.. Arzt… on you.”  and even more hilarious situations – rewriting the Empire Strikes Back, trying to understand time travel with Miles, driving the Dharma van, and many more.  I’d love to see a TV movie or something about his many adventures as leader of the island with Ben.  Hurley is and always will be one cool dude.

I miss Lost.

post edit:  An honorable mention to Sayid (Naveen Andrews).  You were a good character too, but I couldn’t omit the previous ten.

Vantage Point (2008)

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I consider myself to be a “film person.”  I mean, more so than TV.  I never watched much TV growing up and there few shows that I watch regularly.  My heart lies with movies.  But I will say this: if the series is good, I’m there, and I’m there to stay.  Some of my favorite TV shows include Lost, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Monk, The Office, The West Wing, and ER. There’s something about spending that many hours with the same characters (we all know I’m a character person).  I feel so attached to Mary Richards, Mark Greene, President Bartlet, and Monk.  They’re my friends.  So, you see, my small but firm attachment to TV improves my film experience.  If ER‘s Juliana Margulies is in anything – I’m there.  Same goes for John Krasinski, Ed Asner, Rob Lowe, and certainly George Clooney.  So, even though I’d heard mixed reviews for Vantage Point – I was totally going to see it because of Matthew Fox, our lead Lostie.

And you know, I liked it!  To a point, that is.  Essentially, it’s nothing more than a glorified 23 minute assassination.  We figure out the whodunnit and whole story by viewing multiple vantage points of the various characters.  It’s like putting a puzzle together – with each “rewind” more pieces come together.  It’s a great concept with mediocre execution, though it is stylish.  The story itself is extremely implausible (and I mean extreme), but a lot of fun.

It’s got a good cast – William Hurt, Dennis Quaid, Forrest Whittaker, Sigourney Weaver, and Fox.  Two thumbs up for the short running time.  Great action sequences.  I’m not sure what the moral is nor what *certain characters* motives were.  Also, the ending felt abrupt – as if the big build up throughout the movie led to no where.  And, frankly, this is not Dennis Quaid’s best movie ever.

So really, the more I intelligently think about it the worse it gets – I no longer fear being hit by a car since, obviously, I will never die nor be injured despite being smooshed by a semi.  I’m also now pretty confident that I can single-handedly take out the secret service and waltz into the residence to kidnap the President. …But I can’t deny that I was pretty into it.  Suspending my disbelief is rarely this fun. 6/10


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…A story about two men in a train. One man says “What’s that package up there in the baggage rack?”, and the other answers “Oh that’s a McGuffin.” The first one asks “What’s a McGuffin?”. “Well”, the other man says, “It’s an apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands.” The first man says “But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands”, and the other one answers “Well, then that’s no McGuffin!” (from Wikipedia, taken from Hitchock’s interview with Francois Truffaut)

“So you see, a McGuffin is nothing at all.” Hitchcock elaborates.  The McGuffin was a common plot device in many of Hitchocock’s films, most notably in North by Northwest. (What the crap are those government secrets?)  While the term and technique was popularized by Hitchcock, McGuffins are used in many other films as well as different media-types.  See here’s the story.  So I was browsing through Hithcock’s Wikipedia page and I came across the link for McGuffins while reading about themes Hitchcock regularly used.  This page listed several examples of McGuffins in pop culture today.  One item particularly stood out to me: The island on Lost.

*Minor spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet seen the series finale of Lost.

Obviously the series ended a few weeks ago already.  It was a pretty big deal, you know, I felt like my dear friend was dying.  It’s always an adventure to get Lost to work for me in Tahiti.  See, nifty websites like Hulu and don’t work over here because of regional restrictions.  Soo I have to get creative.  I have 2 websites that will generally work, though one will kick me off after 75 minutes and makes me wait an additional hour before resuming (a big issue when the finale was 2 1/2 hours long…) Long story short, I didn’t get to start watching until about midnight.  But I wasn’t about to wait until morning, no sir.

This is just going to sounds like old news now, I know.  But in regards to “The End” I was emotionally satisfied.  Many haters, however, think that’s a bunch of bull.  Someone said that it was a battle between the poets and the scientists.  The poets loved the character redemption and happy-endings to people we’ve grown attached to.  The scientists wanted more answers.  I’ve always been a character-oriented person.  Sawyer, Jack, Juliet, Ben, Desmond, Locke, Sun, Richard, and Hurley will always be like my friends and I wanted to see them find happiness and redemption.  I loved that they found their “constant” (especially that Sawyer and Juliet finally found one another), and I’d like to believe that their “after-life” will continue as a happy existence with the people they love.  I also lurve the Hurley/Ben duo.  You could not get a better protector than Hurley, dude.

I’ll admit, though, I was a little confused at first.  So I also understood complaints about the unanswered questions, particularly: “What is the ISLAND??”


The Island is a freaking McGuffin!  It makes perfect sense!  Think of it in comparison to North by Northwest.  All of these government officials are going nutso over these “secrets.”  What are these secrets?  Why turn your lives upside-down?  Is there really any significance? Well then, ladies and gentlemen, whyyyyyy does crazy mother Allison Janney force her no-name son to stay on the island?  Why does kid-in-black kill mother?  Why does Jacob then decide to create “rules” for his brother MIB and himself?  What are they protecting?  Why does the island still need a protector?  Why, why, why??  Well why, again, is everyone freaking out about some seemingly insignificant government secrets?  The island is a McGuffin.  And once again, everything in the world comes back to Alfred Hitchcock.

All along I refused to believe that I had “wasted” six years of my life on “just another show.”  Although this McGuffin business is nothing concrete (a McGuffin is, after all, nothing) I find myself quite satisfied with “The End.”  And really, Lost will always be a part of me.  Why else would I STILL be thinking about it 20 days after the fact?

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celebrity crush times 3

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I mentioned that I’m a Lost Addict, right?

Well. I’m also in love with this man:

He’s the epitome of sexy bad-A. But he’s a total softy. And I totally love him.


I love this couple like real people. Half the reason I still watch this show is to make sure they end up together. (Okay, that’s sort of a lie. There are many reasons I watch this show).

So then there’s:

Totally in love with him too. (And The Office).


Yeah, I love this couple like real people too. They DID end up together. And even worse:

Real life girl. But I love them both. So I guess I can forgive them.

But! (Yes, there’s another but).

This fictional character, Neal Caffrey from White Collar, is totally single. Sure he’s SEARCHING for his girl.. but he’s totally available right now. Ha.

Too bad fictional characters are so much better than real people.

Oh. Just for good measure:

This is my favorite fictional couple of all time. They’re so wonderful together, I’m not even jealous 🙂

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February 27, 2010 at 9:28 pm


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My name is Lauren. And I am a Lost addict.

Evidence? Plenty.

1) It all began with a killer fifth season finale that suspended my attention for 8 months straight.

2) Serious countdown until February 2nd.. when the world would finally know what happened when Juliet set off Jughead… Me: “Guess what?” My friend named Mike: “What?” “Lost starts in two weeks.” “REALLY?? You NEVER told me…”

3) I spend up to 4 hours (sometimes) searching for a website that will stream internationally to my lonely island of Tahiti. Because I’m not a quitter.

4) After watching an episode, I go to an awesome blog called Popcandy… and I read 3-400 comments featuring other Lost-addicts opinions and theories on episodes.

5) And finally, I hit the instant replay button… and recount the ENTIRE episode to my mother.

But you know what? I don’t even care. That show is the best. And I will wait it out until the end no matter how many alternate time lines they create. If  only so I can see Sawyer and Juliet back together!

That’s the end of my story. Except, contrary to AA groups, I have no intention of overcoming my addiction. Go Losties!

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February 22, 2010 at 3:15 am

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